Dakine Argentina Winter 2011 Catalog Photoshoot Update #2

Dakine Argentina Winter 2011 Catalog Photoshoot Update #2

“Snow Quality Improvement” would be the best way to describe what we’ve experienced since our last Argentina update. Upon our arrival, there were rocks, trees, stumps abundantly lurking all over the lower half of the mountain.

As luck would have it, our timing has been perfect though. A week ago we had one sunny day and ever since then it hasn’t stopped snowing. The grey weather and the pounding snow have definitely produced challenging photo conditions, but hey, things could be worse then powder storms in August, right? Today it snowed over a foot just while we were out on the hill and more is expected overnight!

Here are some memorable highlights and lessons we’ve learned from our time here in Argentina so far:

The “A Factor”. Things usually don’t go as planned in Argentina. The sooner you learn to accept it, the better off you’ll be.

Laguna lives on a pedestal and apparently when you get to it, you’ll know why everyone at SASS won’t stop talking about it.

In Argentina dinner is generally served around 9-10pm and there is a 99% chance that some variation of beef is what’s for dinner.

Sudbruck, near the base of Cerro Catedral, is an amazing restaurant with spectacular architecture. A huge thanks from DAKINE goes out to them for their warm hospitality. [https://www.sudbruck.com]

If you want to party in Argentina, don’t bother going out until midnight and don’t plan on being home till 5 a.m. Oh, and good luck riding the next day!

Dulce De Luche (tastes a lot like caramel) is in just about every type of desert they make in this country. They even eat it for breakfast!

Epenadas are a daily Argentenian snack. They are the bomb! If you ever come here, get in on the tradition.

Riding through bamboo forests is a very unique experience and one none of us will ever forget.

All bets are off on the drive up to the mountain. Lots of tiny front wheel drive cars with no chains all passing each other like mad = scary!

Remember, there’s still time left to get to SASS. Why sit around and crave powder until Nov/Dec when you can have it now? There’s one session left and they’re running great deals! Visit [https://www.sasnow.com] for more info.

That’s all we’ve got for now. We’ll check in again soon!

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