Catching Up With PK Hunder

Catching Up With PK Hunder

PK Hunder, the man, the myth, the jump killer has checked in from Northstar, CA to chat about the season and being a repressed child in Norway.

Freeskier Magazine: Hey PK, how’s it going? What has been going on with you since X Games?
PK Hunder: Hey Shay! After X, I headed up with MSP to Retallack to do some pow turns. We were there for two weeks and didn´t get one single inch of snow, but we made the best out of it and got some shots. Now, I’m in Northstar for the last Dew Tour stop.

FS: That sounds like a good way to spend some time after contest mania in Jan. You’re in 1st place for the Dew Cup, aren’t you? Nervous?
PK: I’m actually a little nervous. After the disasterous X Games I really want to do well in this one. And yeah, I haven’t been skiing park for a couple of weeks, so that dosen’t help.

FS: I think you’ll be fine. Any new tricks up the sleeve? Or just going to slay like normal?
PK: I haven’t got any new tricks since I’ve been in BC hiking and hitting backcountry booters for all this time. But I actually got a couple of days in at Breck before I went to BC and I got my switch 12 and my 12 in a line.. so I’m hoping to do that here.

FS: That will be tough to compete with. How do you make your tricks look so effortless, but so damn pimp at the same time?
PK: Hard to say… the best thing about this sport is that everybody has their own style, and you can choose what style you like the best. The way I ski is just my natural way to ski.

FS: After this Dew, the comps are running a bit thin. What are your plans for the next couple of months?
PK: I’m gonna try to get home as fast as I can to Norway. Go to Trysil witch is Jon’s [Olsson] hang out place at the time and shoot with Field Productions. Then I’m doing the Euro Open after that it’s the highlight of the year at JOSS. In the springtime I’ll finish up my part with MSP and Field.

FS: Sounds like a busy future. Are you stoked on Jon’s new format this year?
PK: Yeah… it’s gonna be fun. I’m teaming up with Andreas HÃ¥tveit and I think we have a very good chance, since Andreas being the sick skier that he is, knows every trick I know unnatural. I think we can get some really sick shots.

FS: It should definitely be an exciting format. I’ve noticed you’ve joined the athlete blog-sphere [www.pkhunder.com]. Is it a creative outlet or a way to let the ladies know where you are?
PK: Yeah, I figured I had to join the blog group. Been struggling a little bit to get everything dialed with cameras and edits and all that. But hopefully a couple of days with Filip from Field we’ll get that shit dialed. And it’s always good to let the ladies know where you hang out.

FS: Ladies Love PK. You spend so much time over here, you might as well be an American. What is your favorite thing about the States?
PK: Hmmm. I have to say, after a month or two over here I get really tired of it and I just want to go home. But I have to say that the people here are really nice. Special thanks to Henrik Lampert and Mike Clarke for taking care of me all these years. And refills are pretty good, too.

FS: They don’t have endless soda in Norway?
PK: No… if you buy a coke at a resturant in Norway, you have to save it for the food or else you have to buy a brand new one… and a coke in Norway is like 10 bucks.

FS: What a repressed childhood. Is there any shout outs you’d like to make?
PK: Yeah it sucks… I’ll give a shout out to Freeskier for keeping us up to date of what’s going on in the skiing world.

FS: Thanks for chatting with us, PK.

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