Catching Up With Alex Schlopy: On Top Of The World

Catching Up With Alex Schlopy: On Top Of The World

Earning back-to-back gold medals at Winter X Games 15 big air, and at the first ever FIS World Championship slopestyle in Park City, I think it's safe to say Alex Schlopy just had the biggest week of his freeskiing career.

We caught up with the man via Skype this weekend to pick his brains about life on the top, and to see what's in store for the rest of his season.


Schlopy, King of the Schlopes

Where are you from and when did you start skiing?

Born and raised in Park City, Utah – grew up skiing here too!

Who are your current sponsors?

Monster Energy, Oakley, and Nordica USA.

Any skiers in particular that inspire you?

Dumont and Wallisch for sure, they helped me out so much. TJ Schiller too, get well soon bud! Also Tanner Hall. And everyone who I end up skiing with too.

When did you land your first big competition result?

The first "big" comp result would probably be the VT Open slopestlye when I was 14, which I ended up getting first in. I was way too stoked, haha.

You competed at Winter X Games 15 last weekend as a rookie. How pumped were you?

It was crazy, exceeding all expectations I had. It was so much fun just being there, and seeing what I grew up watching on TV first hand. Competing in the X games has been a life-long goal, so every day I woke up with the biggest smile on.

You didn't make it through the slopestyle elimination round. What sort of emotions do you feel on a stage as big as X?

Honestly, I wasn't too bummed. I just couldn't hold it together skiing-wise that day, but there will always be time to learn and improve for next year, so that's the mission now, making it to slopestyle finals!

You got into the big air pretty last minute, right? And then you won! How did that all work out?

Well, I heard that PK wasn't doing it, and with Wallisch being hurt there were a few open spaces, so I just asked if I could grab a spot, and surprisingly, I got one! So, coming in to the event I wanted to redeem my slopestyle failure, and wanted to try some new tricks, and go as big as possible. A couple of my tricks weren't working out for me, so I tried the dub 16 and some switch 14's and stuff, and ended up in 1st. I couldn't, and still can't believe it.

You went straight from Aspen to Park City for the World Championships, and took gold in the first ever FIS World Championship Slopestyle event. How does it feel to have earned two back-to-back golds in one week?

It was such a crazy travel schedule, straight from Dew Tour in VT, training for X the next day… maybe one hour off from skiing before big air practice from slopestyle, then the next day drove straight to Park City. So the fact that I'm still on my feet is what I'm most stoked about. But the two golds feels incredible, I could have never expected any of this. I'm just having fun with it.

Does this change anything for you?

I guess we'll see! I'm just going to keep skiing and learning new maneuvers, and see where the path leads.

Plans for the rest of the season?

Compete in the next Dew Tour, train some more, then go over to Europe for contests. Would love to film, but we'll see.

Call of Duty or Angry Birds?

Maybe I'm lame, but I've never played Call of Duty, so Angry Birds!

Blondes or Brunettes?

Both 🙂

*Of course the ladies man answered both. Check out the dating profile we did with him a few months back.

Any shout outs?

Gotta thank the sponsors, Monster, Oakley, Nordica, for backing me – they've been such a big help this year. Also my mom, dad, and sister for coming to some of the events to watch. Love the family support!

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