A Whole Lotta BS: Alex Schlopy Dating Profile

A Whole Lotta BS: Alex Schlopy Dating Profile

Yours truly, Mr. Schlopy aka prince charming

This week I caught up with Alex Schlopy, one of freeskiing's most eligible bachelors. This 18-year-old stallion turns more heads than his switch double 1440's. Alex has transferred from young stardom to big boy status with the flick of a switch.

He had an incredible season from grabbing the Dumont Cup in March to teaming up with Simon and Tom Wallisch a month later as the third member of team America in the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. He is strong, daring, and strikingly handsome, yet has the respect and morals necessary for treating the ladies right. So find out if you have what it takes to be Alex Schlopy's snow angel.

Freeskier: Here is the make or break question… are you single?

I am single, very single

FS: What would it take to put the lovelocks on Alex Schlopy?

Well, first off, it's not an easy process. She has to be good at back massages, cute and outgoing, and put off a pleasant aroma. She also can't mind being taken out to sushi from time to time.

FS: What would your dream date entail?

My dream date- a brunch date the morning after a rainstorm, trees still covered in a light dew, the air is crisp. We have our own small private island off the coast of Maui with only a table for two. After brunch we lay down in a hammock under the palm trees and listen to the Ocean and drink from coconuts.


We know he looks good, but he is a pretty good skier too.

FS: What should every lady know about you?

That I will listen to everything they have to say, and I will be there for them through thick and thin, and I love to get extreme.

FS: Hook up with, marry, kill: Snooki, Sammi Sweatheart, JWOWW?

Kill Snooki, hook up with JWOWW, and marry Sammi cause she is a Sweetheart.

FS: What is your biggest turn off?

Smoking Cigs.

FS: Yeah I heard that they are bad for you too. Have you ever read The Game, By Neil Strauss, or do your pick up artist skills come naturally?

I believe in acquiring skill naturally. It gives you a certain unique swagger that never goes unnoticed.

FS: If you could request one song to slow dance to what would it be?

I would play Unforgettable by Frank Sinatra. Frank is the illest!

FS: Would you say that you have ever known true love?

Not yet!


Ladies, maybe if you get lucky enough he'll even take you to the gun show.

FS: So before we go is there anything you would like to leave out there for all the ladies?

They'll just have to find out the rest for themselves.

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