Candide Thovex and the “Few Words” tour roll through Boulder, CO

Candide Thovex and the “Few Words” tour roll through Boulder, CO

In the weeks following the announcement of a North American tour for Candide Thovex’s Few Words, we eagerly awaited the tour’s stop in our hometown of Boulder, CO. Last night, the waiting game was over as Candide and his crew rolled into town, screening the film at 7:30 and again at 9:30 inside the historic Boulder Theater.

Candide signs posters, and a copy of our 2013 Photo Annual, available on newsstands December 12, 2012.

Few Words toured all across Europe, and also in Toronto before coming to the lower 48. Boulder marks one of only two stops for the tour on American soil, the other being Salt Lake City on November 29 (that’s tonight, for those who haven’t been paying attention to the calendar of late). The tour wraps up in Whistler, BC on December 2. Candide expressed last night that the tour has been an amazing ride, and after a long stretch of globe trotting he’s looking forward to taking some time off, embarking on a tropical island adventure. His favorite stop on the tour? Candide admitted that it was in fact Moscow, in no small part thanks to the many beautiful women who attended the show.

The buzz surrounding Few Words has been strong. By now, you’ve surely heard tidbits about the film’s contents and direction. A blend of storytelling and jaw-dropping action, we perhaps stated it best in our film review: “Everyone should watch this film. Everyone.”

(L-R) Peter Olenick, Bobby Brown, Nate Abbott, Clayton Vila and Shea Flynn.

A slew of pros and industry folk turned out last night, the vast majority of ’em to see the film for the first time. Among them was Bobby Brown, who said about the film, “The movie was everything I expected. Candide was the best, and Candide is still the best.” Leaving the theater at the end of the night I overheard moviegoers exclaim things like, “That was the best ski movie I’ve seen in a long time,” and, “That got me so damn pumped to go skiing.”

If you’re one of the many who is itching to see the film, don’t fret: Few Words¬†will be available on DVD and on iTunes in early December.



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