Bobby Brown Takes Top Qualifying Spot at JOI

Bobby Brown Takes Top Qualifying Spot at JOI


Words and photos by Daniel Ronnback :: Above: Bobby Brown

In less then 45 hours the jump took shape; 24 meters from kicker to landing. This year the jump was not only bigger and has a longer landing but also features a one degree steeper kicker. This year was one of the easiest year to build the JOI jump, and the result was as as expected. Already after the second test jump during the training, most of the athletes landed the double and with the results in hand, number of triples war landed and the jump was to everyone´s satisfaction. As usual when Jon Olsson does something it will be a little more, a litte extra and so this year. Yesterday´s qualification was no exception, Gus Kenworthy stomped his first switch triple flip and he was not alone doing trips. The upcoming Swede Frej Jönsson landed what I know Is the first double cork 720 in a competition, And what can you say? This years JOI will probebly make it to the history. And on top of this Bobby Brown pots down a perfect triple cork 1620, and takes home the qualification.


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Top 10 – Top 6 + 2 Wildcards to Finals

1_ Bobby Brown 97
2_ Gus Kenworthy 93
3_ Vincent Gagnier 91
4_ Russ Henshaw 89
5_ Aleksander Aurdal 88
6_ Frej Jönsson 88
7_ PK Hunder 85
8_ Kai Mahler 82
9_ Rico Schuler 79
10_ Jacob Wester 78


For more information on the event, visit JOI Big Air site.
For more information on Jon, visit his blog.

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