Ben Smith Announces Death Track Jam Session at Berthoud Pass, Colorado, April 6, 2024

Ben Smith Announces Death Track Jam Session at Berthoud Pass, Colorado, April 6, 2024

Featured Image: Daniel Milchev | Skier: Ben Smith

Ladies and gentlemen, gather round. The whispers are true; a new kind of gathering is coming for skiing. It’s a springtime throw down the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Presenting the DEATH TRACK! (Don’t worry, it’s going to be way more lively than the name might imply.) Hosted by RMU golden boy Ben Smith, the Death Track Jam Session is sure to be a highlight of the spring for any skier or boarder that shows. That’s right, your one snowboarding friend who probably has more style than you is welcome to come and take part in the madness.

On April 6, at the top of Berthoud Pass, located between I-70 and Winter Park, Colorado, the team will be putting together a hand-built course that will allow riders to showcase their finest lines with minimal limitation. No entry fee, no registration, no requirements. Just show up ready to have a good time. Of course, there’s some incentive involved. Smith and friends have promised to bring along some excellent items to be given away, as well as 4k in prize money. Four thousand dollars, and all you have to do is show up and throw down. Huge shoutout to Ben and friends for putting the effort into getting an event like this off the ground. Jam sessions are what skiing relies on, and people coming together is exactly how our community thrives and grows. Keep an eye on the feed as we’ll give updates closer to the event, and tune in to Benny’s channel for more info. Tune those skis, grab your sunscreen and head for the hills! The Death Track awaits.

Artwork by Parker Norvell

Words from Benny – “The event is going to be on April 6th, at the top of Berthoud Pass in Colorado. People will be able to fully hike it, no sign up in necessary. There will be a jam session followed by finals. The whole idea of this event is to bring a fun aspect to current freeski comps. All handbuilt, no registration fees and all that. Just good vibes, a party and watching people push their riding throughout the day. There will be some giveaways and a 4k cash prize!”

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