A-Basin Opening Day!

A-Basin Opening Day!

Arapahoe Basin has officially opened for the 2009/10 winter ski season. That means we can all look forward to at least 8 months of lift accessed skiing. Joy to the world!

In true A-Basin form, winter fanatics were partying it up in the parking lot (aka “The Beach”), a scene reminiscent of your favorite NFL team parking lot tail gate party. Skiers, snowboarders and telemarkers (aka “hippies”) raised cans of beers to one another while standing over flaming BBQ’s covered in searing meat flesh. God we love A-Basin.

Santa Claus himself (maybe?) was one of the first to get on the chair this AM. Gotta love the “Russian Vodka” one piece.

Then there is this guy…on the first chair of the year at A-Basin. Riding single? WTF? What happened to three to a chair?

Freeskier is en route to the park to destroy A-Basin’s 6 park features already up for opening day. We will grab some of your favorite Summit County pros and see if we can’t get the first North American park edit of the year posted in the next couple of days.

A-Basin Webcam

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