Avalanches, Snowmobiles, and Hot Carl

Avalanches, Snowmobiles, and Hot Carl

Snowmobiles, Avalanches, and Hot Carl

Our adventure started with a 9 hour drive from salt lake to Cooke City. Jordan Seldin, AJ de Saint Phalle, and Myself (Kyler Cooley) crammed three sleds onto a two-place trailer and took off. We got to see plenty of wildlife in Yellowstone Park and plenty of wild snowmobiles while in Cooke City. The place is a mecca for slednecks and if you don’t have the lastest and greatest sled, well you pretty much aint cool. Outside our hotel each night are about 60+ sleds, it’s a pretty crazy sight. You don’t need to drive a car when you’ve got a perfectly good sled so all you see roaming the streets are 2-strokes.

Anyways the snow conditions were crazy. Avalanches were pretty much guaranteed on anything east facing and the whomp sound of snow settling was something we got used to. We were forced to stick to mini golf lines which were still fun and dealing with sliding snow underfoot made it that much more interesting. We found a ton of fun stuff to 180 off including a cornice that snowmobiler’s were dropping 40 feet, no problem. We also found a few jumps spots, but the slednecks made finding a pristine slope to session pretty hard when everything the eye could see had a high mark.

Jordan Seldin enjoyed a Hot Carl at the local eatery, one of about 4 choices in town. According to him it was delicious. Just to clear things up, a Hot Carl is a Buffalo burger covered in chili and cheese. AJ and I stuck to burgers, which were pretty delicious as well. In a town with no cell service, an internet connection as slow as molasses, and 2 dollar PBR’s there’s not a whole lot to do other than eat, drink, and talk about gettin’er done.

Thanks to Rage Films for a fun trip and AJ for towing us on his badass sled.

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