Armada takes over Austria’s Absolut Park

Armada takes over Austria’s Absolut Park

High in the sprawling peaks of Austria’s heart, the legendary Absolut Park sits comfortably. It’s combination of unbelievable features, from world class jump lines to rail features as creative as they come, Absolut has been building a well known reputation for the better. Contests like Jib King and Spring Battle bring in reliable hype year after year, with an incredible balance of home grown energy combined with Red Bull funded features. Last May, Absolut opened its doors to the crew at Armada for 4 days of skiing and filming. The result was understandably jaw dropping, with incredible features built to perfection, including one of the greatest cannon rail set ups we have ever had the privilege of laying eyes on.

With a crowd consisting of Quinn Wolferman, Kim Boberg, Daniel Bacher, Luggi Brucic, and a slew of other notable rippers, it’s honestly a shocker that Absolut was left standing by the end of this. These beautiful moments were captured by long time Armada friend Corey Stanton as well as innovative skier and filmer Fabi Hyden. The entirety of the editing side was handed over to the one and by Spencer Milbocker. The grainy style brings to light how incredible the area that Absolut sits in really is. Take a minute to appreciate the snow covered peaks that serve as the perfect back drop behind Quinn Wolferman’s flying pink figure. As a company that was founded on the principles of athlete involvement and creative freedom, Armada seems to be holding up to their name quite well nearly 20 years later.

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