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Arc’teryx’s ReBIRD Service Gives New Life to Used Gear

Featured Image: Kyle Gibson

Repair, trade-in, shop used and upcycle—that’s Arc’teryx’s approach with its ReBIRD platform. At the heart of the iconic ski apparel brand is sustainability. It’s no secret that our industry has been and will continue to be impacted by climate change. Even this year we’ve seen a concerning influx of canceled events due to the snowpack. Aside from the lack of snow shortening the season, safety concerns rise as varied snow conditions become more prevalent. Climate change is rearing its ugly head, but brands like Arc’teryx are helping pave the way for the future of our sport.

Arc’teryx is committed to collaborative low-carbon solutions by way of actionable steps. It was among the first to sign the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, which acts to drive the fashion industry to net-zero Greenhouse Gas emissions no later than 2050. In addition, Arc’teryx set verified Science-Based Targets that help set a clearly defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. While these steps are important, what’s arguably more impressive is the in-house Arc’teryx ReBIRD program. It’s an actionable initiative that works to bring circularity to every piece of clothing made by the brand through three sectors: ReCARE, ReGEAR and ReCUT.

PHOTO: Kyle Gibson


Every relationship in our lives requires maintenance—your skis need tuning, your teeth need brushing and your outerwear kit needs a little TLC. Customers can bring their compromised gear to in-store ReBIRD Service Centres for on-site assessment and quick fixes, while for larger repairs or customers located far from the nearest store, gear can be sent off to dedicated repair centres.


If you have gear in decent condition that you’d give to a friend, you probably have gear that qualifies for the Arc’teryx ReGEAR program. Customers can trade in their used gear in exchange for a gift card loaded with 20 percent of the original price. The traded-in gear then gets refreshed and ultimately reused in the product cycle. A team at the ARC’One facility meticulously deconstructs the problem areas and revives the piece using recycled fabrics and materials. It’s then put back on the market at a reduced cost. The best part is that this refurbished gear is one of a kind, and the circularity of it all is pretty sweet.


ReCUT is Arc’teryx’s experimental upcycling program, bringing new life to products and materials past their functional lifespan to create one-of-a-kind products. From blankets to chalk bags, Arc’teryx takes used textiles and turns them into unique and coveted pieces you can feel good about purchasing. Everything at Arc’teryx is circular by design.

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