Affordable housing

These affordable housing units are just a few hundred miles from the chairlift!

These affordable housing units are just a few hundred miles from the chairlift!

Welcome to the Almost Heaven Realty! We couldn’t be more excited to pair you with the mountain property of your dreams. We specialize in finding the perfect property for mountain town employees with minimal commute time to the chair, all at an affordable rate.

Sounds like you got a sweet job at the mountain, but guess what? They don’t offer employee housing. Maybe they even told you to just come anyway and figure it out when you get there—“it’s so easy!” Well, fear not. Our savvy agents begin the process by scouring every classified page, rental site and online forum to help you find the affordable housing of your dreams, all within your enormous liftie budget. Once they inevitably come up empty, our team will use our tried-and-true two-step search process and begin search the 250-mile radius around your soon-to-be mountain playground.

Looking to work in Vail? Well, we have a lovely three-bedroom apartment in North Platte, Nebraska for you and your fellow cafeteria works. What’s that? No, it’s not a studio—it’s just a capacious room with one quaint window and state-of-the-art two-burner hot plate. The large, open floor plan can always be divided with curtains, if you’re some kind of prude? You’ll quickly get used to your 15 roommates who prioritize long nights out at the bar over daily hygiene.  Besides, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Eagle County, only a few hundred miles down I-70 and it costs under $2,000 a month (utilities not included).

Affordable housing can be difficult to find this late in the summer, as fewer homes are put on the market and most of the best pullouts and Wal-Mart parking lots are already full of seasonal workers like yourself. That’s why we’ve partnered with rental car companies across the country to provide you the most spacious two-wheel drive sedans on the market in case the housing your new employer promised you falls through. No need to fret, though, a sleeping pad slots comfortably between the front two seats over the center console—that way you have the full five feet of car body to rest your weary bones. Or you could just sleep in the fully reclinable front seats. We’ll let you choose which side of the bed… err, car to sleep on.

We’ve been told that, in Mammoth, 25 percent of seasonal workers are living out of their cars. From what we’re hearing, those trailheads sound pretty crowded. Instead, we’ve drawn up a map that outlines the most quiet and scenic parking lots in Los Angeles that will put you within a stones throw of the resort. 

Tahoe rents got you down? For a nominal fee, Almost Heaven Realty can secure you a perfect tent site in Nevada’s picturesque Black Rock desert, where you can share all the high-tech culture of the Bay Area with your neighbors for a week every year at Burning Man. Come wintertime you’ll have the place all to yourself. 

So, don’t hesitate, affordable housing is filling up by the daily and people just like you are taking the best spots before the rest! Don’t leave yourself out to dry this season, withering away without a roof over your head. Let our phenomenal realtors guide you to the abode of your dreams, just a few hundred miles from the mountain you’re about to call home.

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