2016 Gear Preview: Get the rundown on Line’s arsenal of next year’s skis

2016 Gear Preview: Get the rundown on Line’s arsenal of next year’s skis

It’s hard to believe that twenty years have elapsed since Jason Levinthal founded Line Skis in his parents’ garage. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. Now, in 2015, Line is still focused on building the best skis to do just that: have fun. Heck, the brand’s most recent marketing campaign is built on the phrase, “Making skiing more funner.”

As such, the brand’s product offering and athlete team reflects that mantra. Whether it’s Tom Wallisch sliding up a storm on the Chronics while shooting with Good Company, Will Wesson getting creative on the Blend for Line Traveling Circus or Eric Pollard’s smooth style on any of his three pro models (Sir Francis Bacon, Mordecai and Magnum Opus), Line’s stable of planks will suit any and all skiing styles.

It’s never too early to start thinking about skis for next season. Enjoy a few highlights from Line’s 2015-16 product offering, below, and be sure to subscribe to FREESKIER Magazine to see which skis earn the distinction of Editors’ Pick in the upcoming Buyer’s Guide; we went to new heights with our ski testing this winter and are excited to share our findings. Stay tuned for another 2016 ski preview, coming next week.

Men’s offerings:


Line Afterbang Skis 2016

Dimensions: 115-88-115
Sizes: 155, 166, 172, 177
Radius: 18 m
MSRP: $500

The fully-symmetrical Afterbang is designed for terrain park destruction. Its core is built like a skateboard deck, utilizing thin, horizontally layered maple wood, for durability and shock absorption. Additionally, carbon fiber stringers run the length of the ski for added pop. Line also thinned out the ski in front of and behind the binding to promote a smooth pivot point for easy buttering across the hill. The result is a playful park ski aimed at jib domination.


Line Tigersnake Skis 2016

Dimensions: 113-88-109
Sizes: 157, 167, 171, 178
Radius: 17.6 m
MSRP: $440

Serpentine across the entire mountain and strike at will on the all-new Tigersnake. A full aspen wood core provides great pop and early rise tip and tail increases the maneuverability on these reptilian rip-roarers. Tapered tips and tails ensure a catch-free ride, whether you’re jibbing up a storm in the park or getting tricky on side hits. That price point is highly attractive, as well.


Line Blend Skis 2016

Dimensions: 132-100-122
Sizes: 171, 178, 185
Radius: 20.5 m
MSRP: $750

A staple in Line’s arsenal, The Blend straddles the line between park domination and all-mountain performance. A thinner core and sidewall in the ski’s tips reduces swing weight, allowing you to get airborne whenever and wherever you please. An identical flex pattern in front of and behind the binding makes switch takeoffs and landing a breeze, too. Its 100 mm waist width is versatile enough to allow for soft snow shredding in the morning and terrain park excellence in the afternoon.


Line Chronic Skis 2016

Dimensions: 121-92-117
Sizes: 164, 171, 178, 185
Radius: 19 m
MSRP: $630

This classic park offering features a skunky, sticky mix of poppy aspen with burly maple wood stringers running the length of the ski for upped stability and durability. A five-point sidecut creates a playful pivot point, increasing the maneuverability of the Chronic. This ski is at home in the air, and owes its in-flight prowess to a thinned out tip that helps reduce swing weight.

Sir Francis Bacon

Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis 2016

Dimensions: 135-104-131
Sizes: 178, 184, 190
Radius: 17.4 m
MSRP: $880

The ever-popular Sir Francis Bacon was completely redesigned for 2015-16. Line focused on weight reduction on the revamped SFB. The brand employed Cloud Core—a blend of both wood and composite materials—and built it with a sleeker profile (134-104-131 dimensions, down from 140-108-136) to meet this end. Early rise tip and tail increases playfulness and float in deeper snow and a longer sidecut length help performance on the firm snow, too.


Line Mordecai Skis 2016

Dimensions: 141-114-138
Sizes: 179, 186, 193
Radius: 17 m
MSRP: $960

The all-new Mordecai fills the gap left by the departing Mr. Pollard’s Opus. Weight reduction is supreme, thanks to Line’s Cloud Core—a blend of wood and composite materials—as well has an ultra thin tip that sheds swing weight. Butter, spin, flip, schmear, the Mordecai doesn’t discriminate against your on-hill tactics. Its versatile 114 mm waist width and snappy 17 m turn radius help make this ski a go-to, everyday ski out West, or powder plank for the deepest days on the East Coast.

Supernatural 100

Line Supernatural 100 Skis 2016

Dimensions: 132-100-121
Sizes: 172, 179, 186
Radius: 21.3 m
MSRP: $810

Carve trenches across the frontside, rip through crud off-piste and get airborne all over on the Supernatural 100. A directional flex pattern allows you to aggressively drive through turns and a full height/length elastomer sidewall aids in providing shock absorption for a silky smooth ride. An early rise tip and tail and thinned out tips provide ultimate maneuverability, whether you’re slashing pow or spinning off windlips.

Sick Day 102

Line Sick Day 102 Skis 2016

Dimensions: 135-102-120
Sizes: 172, 179, 186
Radius: 17.1 m
MSRP: $810

The Sick Day 102 is all-new for 2015-16, sitting in between the 95 and 110-mm offerings in the Sick Day series. A 102 mm waist and thinned out tips help provide maneuverability and reduced swing weight, great for navigating tight trees or slush bumps. Its notched tail allows for seamless skin integration, making the Sick Day 102 a viable touring option.

Sick Day Tourist

Line Sick Day Tourist Skis 2016

Dimensions: 135-102-120
Sizes: 179, 186
Radius: 18.7 m
MSRP: $960

The Tourist is a new backcountry-specific offering within Line’s Sick Day series. Its Cloud Core—a combo meal of composite and wood—sheds weight to ease in uphill navigation, while a directional flex and five dimension sidecut allow for powerful downhill travel and easy turn transitions. Strap on a pair of Line’s new Snake Skins climbing skins, and venture farther into the wilderness than ever before.

Supernatural 92

Line Supernatural 92 Skis 2016

Dimensions: 127-92-115
Sizes: 165, 172, 179, 186
Radius: 19.6 m
MSRP: $750

The Supernatural 92 lives life in the fast lane. A mid-density aspen wood core supplemented by two full length, burly maple stringers and a Titanal laminate ensures these skis ain’t scared of pushing those RPMs into the red. A directional flex pattern and 19.6 m radius also aid in making big, aggressive turns down any hardpack surface you can find. Get rippin’.

Women’s offerings:

Soulmate 92

Line Soulmate 92 Skis 2016

Dimensions: 127-92-115
Sizes: 151, 158, 165
Radius: 14.6 m
MSRP: $630

Line’s all-new, women’s specific Soulmate series is aimed at aggressive hard chargers looking to make the entire mountain their bitch. A poppy aspen wood core is reinforced with two full length, high-density maple stringers to provide a solid combination of strength and stability without loss of playfulness. A thinned out core and sidewall in the tip sheds swing weight, meaning you can take flight with the greatest of ease on the Soulmate 92.

Pandora 95

Line Pandora 95 Skis 2016

Dimensions: 130-95-115
Sizes: 152, 162, 172
Radius: 13.8 m
MSRP: $750

New for this season, the women’s-specific Pandora 95 now supplements its older, 110 mm waisted sister, the Pandora 110. Built with a full aspen wood core, the Pandora 95 is playful and poppy, while remaining light enough to get in the air whenever necessary (read: always). A directional flex aids in ripping down groomers, while a five dimension sidecut and 13.8 m turn radius ups maneuverability in the trees and chutes. If lap after lap of frontside domination is your ideal day on-hill, don’t forget about the Pandora 95 when making your next ski purchase.

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