The 2009 Park Test – NOW IN PROGRESS

The 2009 Park Test – NOW IN PROGRESS

Keystone’s A51 once again plays host to the Freeskier Magazine Park Test. For those not familiar with the event, we rustle up all the top manufacturers 2009-2010 park sticks and shred the hell out of them for one week. Jumps, rails, butters, hand drags and even the occasional hot-laps are nothing out of the ordinary for testers.

Ride the snot out of a ski, fill out a form and review it.

Speaking of testers, we figured it was only appropriate to have all this fine gear tested by some of the most experienced and discerning cats in the game. That’s why we invited Matt Walker, Ben Boxham, Scott Hibbert, Justin Dorey, Andrew Hathaway, and Josh Bishop to review all this fine gear.

Ben Moxham runs this 2009-2010 gear through the down-flat-down test. Looks like a favorable review form is in order.

Not to be outdone or out reviewed, Matt Walker tail taps his way out of the down-flat-down.

Pat Goodnough tests a new set of Dynastars and also performs a glove review.

Hey, Keystone. Thanks for the perfection.

Hathaway rolls the dice and comes up with a 540 tail on the new Dynastars.

So, we’re here for the entire week eagerly reviewing our way through almost 100 skis. What’s going to stand out on top and gain a coveted Freeskier Editor’s Pick? Well, you’ll have to check the 2009-2010 Buyer’s Guide in August for that info. This week, we’ll just be hitting you up with some of the action going down here at Keystone.

What you don’t know is that Matt Walker nose tapped his way out of this up-box.

Another Walker photo… Really? Yes, really. Two-sev on.

Stay tuned to the site all week. I’ll be posting up pictures of new gear, behind the scenes shots and as always, banger park shots from our testers in action.

Stay cheesy, Hank Lambo.

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