10 things you probably didn’t know about the Mountain Collective pass

10 things you probably didn’t know about the Mountain Collective pass

We don’t just like the Mountain Collective pass. We love it. Like, we really love it. In fact, we’re so darn psyched that we feel a serious urge to educate the whole world about it. Below, find 10 things you probably didn’t know about what must be the best ski pass ever, then thank us later because this knowledge is as good as gold.

1. It turns you into a world-traveler.

Thredbo, Australia. Photo courtesy of Mountain Collective.

When you buy a Mountain Collective pass you get:

  • 2 days at Alta, Utah
  • 2 days at Snowbird, Utah
  • 2 days at Snowbasin, Utah—New!
  • 2 days at Aspen Snowmass, Colorado
  • 2 days at Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • 2 days at Lake Louise, Alberta
  • 2 days at Banff Sunshine, Alberta
  • 2 days at Mammoth Mountain, California
  • 2 days at Revelstoke, British Columbia
  • 2 days at Coronet Peak/The Remarkables, New Zealand
  • 2 days at Squaw Alpine, California
  • 2 days at Sun Valley, Idaho
  • 2 days at Taos, New Mexico
  • 2 days at Telluride, Colorado
  • 2 days at Sugarbush, Vermont—New!
  • 2 days at Thredbo, Australia
  • If time allows, you could ski in Vermont, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, California, British Columbia, Alberta, Australia and New Zealand—all in one season. And note that there are two new resorts included, Snowbasin and Sugarbush, that are well-worth checking out. Additionally, while passholders used to get two days between Alta and Snowbird, they now get two days at each resort. The same goes for Lake Louise and Sunshine Village; skiers once only got two days between the resorts and now they get two days at each. Total, this equates to 32 days of skiing all over the globe, up from 28 days on the 2016-17 pass. Mic drop.

    2. Two words: Global Affiliates.

    As if all the aforementioned destinations weren’t enough, the Mountain Collective is also partnered with three global affiliate resorts that every passholder can go tear up: Valle Nevado, Chile; Hakuba Valley, Japan; and last but not least, Chamonix, France. Simply show your Mountain Collective pass (or confirmation of purchase) at these resorts’ ticket centers, and they’ll each provide you with two days of skiing.

    3. The price is ridiculously low.

    Right now, for a limited time, the Mountain Collective pass is going for $399. So, you can ski all of those awesome places listed, above, and the pass will pay for itself in just a few days. Boom.

    4. $1 kids passes. For real.

    Aspen Snowmass. Photo courtesy of Mountain Collective.

    For a limited time, those who purchase a Mountain Collective pass can get a kids pass for $1… This is not a joke, you can actually spend 100 cents on a worldwide ski pass for the little ripper in your life. After that, additional kids passes are just $99 (also for a limited time), which is still an insanely good deal.

    5. The savings never end.

    On top of the Mountain Collective‘s low-low price, being a passholder provides you with endless deals. To start, you get 50% off extra day tickets at each of the resorts listed at bullet #1, above (everywhere but Valle Nevado, Hakuba Valley and Chamonix).

    Furthermore, passholders earn access to crazy lodging deals—up to 25% off—at participating resorts. (Again, everywhere but Valle Nevado, Hakuba Valley and Chamonix). So, after you save money on lift tickets, you save even more on your hotels and/or condos.

    We know what you’re thinking: There’s no way this pass can be real. It’s real. Keep reading.

    6. No. Blackout. Dates.

    Chances are that, if you were to buy a Mountain Collective pass, you’d want to use it around a holiday like Christmas, Martin Luther King Day or Presidents’ Day. Well, good news: Unlike many other passes out there, this one has no blackout dates. Schwing!

    7. You can help save the environment.

    Everyone who purchases a Mountain Collective pass is automatically provided with the opportunity to sign up for a complimentary, one-year Protect Our Winters (POW) membership. In layman’s terms, this means part of the money you put towards a pass will help prevent climate change, which is a very, very good thing. Learn more, here.

    8. So. Much. Pow.

    Mammoth Mountain. Photo courtesy of Mountain Collective.

    Every single resort on the Mountain Collective—not by coincidence—is known for receiving ample snowfall winter after winter. If you combine the annual average snowfall of everywhere this pass can take you, you’re looking at about 6,348 inches… That’s 529 feet… Want to know how tall the Statue of Liberty is? 305 feet… So, yeah, you’re looking at a lot of powder as a Mountain Collective passholder.

    9. Oh, the miles you’ll stack!

    Can you imagine the rewards you’ll receive from airlines if you travel to all of these Mountain Collective destinations? That’s hard to even fathom, but we expect that it’d be enough to do a whole lot more skiing, and that’d be a very good thing. Not to mention, if you’re savvy, you can stack all sorts of other rewards via credit cards, rental cars, hotels and even more.

    10. You will never stop skiing.

    Taking all of the Mountain Collective destinations into consideration, please realize that you could very well ski all year long… Just imagine: Spend half the year in North America, Asia and Europe… Spend the other half between South America, New Zealand and Australia… Life simply cannot get any better.

    Those are just 10 of the millions of reasons to hop on the Mountain Collective pass for the 2017-18 season. We could go on all day, but you probably get the point. Click the button, below, to score one for the lowest price possible and enjoy the best winter of your life.

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