The top 10 freeride all-mountain skis of 2017

The top 10 freeride all-mountain skis of 2017

You might enjoy these skis if… You’re at home in the no-fall zone. You rely on skis that are plenty stiff and stable to get you safely down those butterfly-inducing lines you love so much. Sometimes you’ll find yourself on the hardpack but usually just in order to get back to the lift that’ll return you to the delectable soft stuff. When you’re not hucking cliffs or billy-goating rock bands, you’re arcing massive turns down steep bowls, a smile plastered on your face the entire way.

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1. J Skis Masterblaster


Overall Score: 8.92

“Much like the dual-bodied character from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome that shares its name, the Masterblaster has what J calls a ‘split personality.’ It burns down groomers like a Formula One racecar but is maneuverable and playful when called upon…” Click for full review and scores.

2. Fischer Ranger 98 Ti


Overall Score: 8.70

“The title of ‘Ranger’ is reserved for the most badass among us and the Fischer Ranger 98 Ti is no exception. It quite simply has it all…” Click for full review and scores.

3. Nordica Enforcer 93


Overall Score: 8.43

“New for 2016-17, the Enforcer 93 is the slightly slimmed-down version of its big brother, the Enforcer 100, which just happened to win No. 1 honors in the 100-114 mm freeride skis category…” Click for full review and scores.

4. Icelantic Pioneer 96


Overall Score: 8.37

“Icelantic’s Pioneer 96 was awarded a score of 9.78 in the versatility category by our battalion of talented testers. Indeed, it’s meant to excel all over the resort…” Click for full review and scores.

5. Dynafit Meteorite


Overall Score: 8.45

“Dynafit continues to push further into the freeride market with the brand-new Meteorite ski. It has a practical 98-mm waist width and is constructed with an ash and poplar wood core, providing fantastic strength-to-weight ratio…” Click for full review and scores.

6. Kästle FV95 HP


Overall Score: 8.27

“Kästle calls the FX95 HP ‘The Sword,’ because its slicing and dicing capabilities rival those of any Game of Thrones character. Just gander at that carving score. Its stout silver fir wood core backed by not one, but two layers of Titanal translates to stability and power…” Click for full review and scores.

7. Black Crows Camox


Overall Score: 8.26

“The Camox’s mix of tip and tail rocker and camber underfoot translates to top-notch handling through the trees and bumps and rip roarin’ good times on the open slopes…” Click for full review and scores.

8. Salomon QST 99


Overall Score: 8.20

“Think of the new QST line from Salomon as a fleet of rocket ships. With scores of 9.32 in carving and 9.28 in stability, the proof is in the pudding for this 99-mm-waisted iteration…” Click for full review and scores.

9. Völkl 90Eight


Overall Score: 8.17

“Back for its second season, there’s nothing sophomoric about the 90Eight’s frontside performance. On top of its high-speed ability, it’s lightweight and highly maneuverable…” Click for full review and scores.

10. Line Supernatural 92


Overall Score: 8.14

“The Supernatural 92 worked on its figure for 2016-17, seeking a shape that promoted seamless turn initiation without any bite-back when put on edge. It now boasts a wider shovel and tail while maintaining the same waist width…” Click for full review and scores.



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