Gear: Backcountry-specific bindings that will take you to new heights

Gear: Backcountry-specific bindings that will take you to new heights

Bindings are the unsung hero of your ski-setup—it’s impossible to shred without ’em, but they never get the respect they deserve. It’s no different when talking about touring-specific bindings. You wouldn’t be able to access that incredible backcountry terrain and snow without them, after all. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up four backcountry bindings you can trust on the up and the down.

Dynafit – TLT Radical FT 2.0


Weight: 630 g/binding


This binding ain’t monogamous—it spreads love equally between the uphill and downhill. It’s lightweight (630 grams) for the ascent and has two heel lifters to accommodate all slope pitches. Intuitive brakes (a left-hand twist converts to ski mode) make transitions quick. When descending, aluminum plates under the toe and heel boost rigidity and power while release values of 5-12 give you peace of mind.

G3 – ION 12


Weight: 585 g/binding


Ever spent precious moments (time better used touring to the goods…) fumbling to lock in your toe to your tech bindings at the trailhead? The Ion 12 assists in that venture with its intuitive “Boot Stop” feature that guides your toe in the right direction for a reliable step-in. Its heel twists to either side for easy transitions, too. The wide toe jaw provides optimal power transmission and forward pressure adjustment in the heel piece ensures consistent release values.

Marker – Kingpin 13


Weight: 730 g/binding w/ brakes


Pablo Escobar and Narcos are the talk of the town, but Marker’s Kingpin deserves the spotlight. Its heel contact points are located on the outside rather than in the middle, ensuring incredible power transmission and downright pleasurable descents. Six steel springs under the toe provide energy absorption, ideal for sending it big, and a lever underfoot allows for hike-to-ski transitions without disengaging the binding.

Tyrolia – Adrenalin 16


Weight: 2,740 g/binding w/ brakes


The Adrenalin 16 is a great fit for those who spend the majority of their time in-bounds but occasionally hop into the backcountry. Its 68-mm wide AFD is adjustable to fit alpine, walk to ride and tech soles. Combine that with a horizontal toe spring, 80-mm wide heel track and release values up to 16, and it provides the power and control of a traditional alpine binding, but with the ability to tour uphill.

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