Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour

Dynafit announces new Hoji Pro Tour ski boot

Dynafit announces new Hoji Pro Tour ski boot

Today, November 8, 2017, Dynafit announced the release of the all-new Hoji Pro Tour ski boot, set for release in 2018-19. Three years ago, renowned pro skier Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson teamed up with Fritz Barthel (the man behind the original pin-tech binding) in search of the elusive white whale of touring boots: one that is truly as adept on the skin track as it is on the descent. The team at Dynafit believes they’ve discovered that very boot. The Hoji Pro Tour is set to be a major upgrade compared to Dynafit’s Vulcan boot, which was revered as one of the best freeride-oriented touring boots on the market.

A look at the new Hoji Pro Tour.

In terms of uphill efficiency, the new Hoji Pro Tour weighs in at 1,450 grams (size 27); boasts a 55-degree range of motion in walk mode; and features Dynafit’s blunt, low-profile nose for a boost in aerodynamics. The biggest draw of the new boot platform (a series of boots will debut along with the Pro Tour) is the new Hoji Lock System. Hoji and Barthel developed a sliding mechanism between the upper cuff and shell that allows both the upper and lower cuffs to be free from each other in walk mode. In addition, when the intuitive lever on the spine is switched to walk mode, a system of cables automatically loosens the tension of the upper buckle. This negates the need to unbuckle while touring, allowing for better freedom of movement.

Meanwhile, when the switch is in ski mode, the buckle reverts back to optimal tension, ensuring a strong hold on your foot during the descent. The boot is built with Hoji’s signature skiing style—balls-to-the-wall charger—in mind. The boot’s flex is tweaked to Hoji’s liking and the forward lean is an impressive 11 degrees, similar to many aggressive alpine boots. Hell, one look at this baby and it looks bomber.

The Hoji Pro Tour will hit shelves in the fall of 2018, available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Sorry, you’ll have to wait a full year, but trust that the team at FREESKIER will hunt down this elusive boot, use it, abuse it and provide extended reviews this winter.

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