X Games medals to be awarded for video gaming; can you dig it?

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On April 28, ESPN X Games and Major League Gaming (MLG) announced that there will be a Call of Duty tournament held as part of X Games Austin, this coming June. In a press release, X Games cites capitalizing on “a rapidly growing competitive league right in the heart of its demographic” as the impetus for creation of the tournament.

It came as news to me that there was such a thing as MLG. Turns out, it’s just one of many pro video game leagues worldwide, and it’s the largest in North America. It also came as news to me that MLG—and other pro leagues—host tournaments in major convention centers, where thousands (tens of thousands, even) have been known to show up to watch the action in-person. The gaming is also regularly broadcast via MLG.tv and its associated apps. You’ll find more on MLG, plus you’ll find quotes from MLG CEO, Sundance DiGiovanni, via the link above; ESPN and X Games folk dish supporting quotes there, as well.

Down to brass tacks. Straight from the release, “the MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament will feature the top five Call of Duty teams based on MLG Pro Points plus the top three teams from the Call of Duty championship held in Winter Park, FL, last month. The eight teams will compete in a double-elimination group format, with four teams advancing to a single-elimination bracket. X Games medals will be awarded to the winning teams.”

That’s right. X Games medals will be awarded to the gamers. I’m no COD expert, but one thing is for certain: somebody’s virtual trigger finger is going to land ‘em certified X Games hardware. MLG’s presence at X Games Austin will be highlighted during X Games telecasts on both ESPN and ABC, and also on X Games’ digitial platforms, propelling these top gamers to the limelight.

In the wake of the announcement, a few of skiing and snowboarding’s own voiced concern via Twitter.

We want to know—what’s your take on all of this?

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