According to the Level 1 crew, there’s “a couple of flakes” in Michigan

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A Level 1 crew consisting of Banks Gilberti, Sandy Boville and filmer Jonny Durst has made its way out to Michigan to take advantage of the storm that blanketed the state in snow.

Banks concludes that there’s a “couple of flakes falling here in [Michigan].” Sarcasm aside, there appears to be a ton of snow in the Great Lakes State.

Sandy Boville confirms that observation, apparently getting a workout while claiming to be a professional shoveler.

Is there such a thing as too much snow? I’m not sure, but the crew will defintely appreciate having the nitrous winch with them on the adventure. (Yes, that’s a can of Nitrous Oxide attached to the thing.) Here’s hoping they can take advantage of all the snow.

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