Watch video of Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown and Keri Herman on the Today Show

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Going to the Olympics would be “dream come true,” said Tom Wallisch to Matt Lauer on the Today show this morning. Wallisch was joined by Bobby Brown and Keri Herman on the program—broadcast live to America—and all three managed to stomp clean tricks on a rail erected atop Mt. Rockefeller, as Lauer dubbed it, a modified slopestyle course inside Rockefeller Center.

Wallisch, unsurprisingly, executed a smooth 270 on, pretzel 270 off; Brown opted for a lipslide to backside 270 out; and Herman followed up with a switch-up to switch. Did America have a clue as to what was happening on television? Most likely not, but this marks the beginnings of some big-time recognition for these athletes, and many other freeskiers, as we continue to travel down the Road to Sochi. Today, February 6, marks one-year to the start of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

“It has become a dream, to support America,” said Keri about her Olympic aspirations. “To represent our country, it’s going to be such a cool feeling. Wearing the red, white and blue…”

“Representing the USA is definitely going to be cool,” confirmed Bobby. “Growing up, watching the Olympics, it’s one of the most special things to watch. I have the opportunity to try and make the team, I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Below are two videos highlighting the trio’s experience on the Today show:

Wallisch, Brown and Herman ride a rail in Rockefeller Center, outside Studio 1A

Wallisch, Brown and Herman discuss the Olympic Dream with stars of the Today show


Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown and Keri Herman celebrate one-year-to-Sochi on Today Show

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