Top 10 Skis: The best big-mountain skis of 2012-2013

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Note: This list is now dated. To see the best big-mountain skis of 2014, follow this link.

Without a doubt, these skis are not for the faint of heart. Do you like sending big drops? Does your heart ache for the steeps of AK? Like to rip down the backside at mach speed? Then our list of big-mountain skis Editor’s Picks are for you.

1. Blizzard Cochise

Overall Score: 17.49
Blizzard’s skis, with the Cochise at the forefront, excel in two related areas: carving and stability. Read our full review here.

2. Armada AK JJ

Overall Score: 17.20
The AK JJ is “one of the better all-over, big-mountain skis,” according to one tester, and its scores support the claim. Read our full review here.

 3. Armada TSTw

Overall Score: 17.10
Armada’s TSTw finds itself in the rare position of scoring over 4 points in every category, amounting to a ski versatile not because it does everything well enough but because it excels in every situation. Read our full review here.

4. Atomic Ritual

Overall Score: 17.06
Atomic’s Ritual had one of the highest overall scores in the big-mountain test, earning props in every category—a truly amazing feat. Read our full review here.

5. Nordica Helldorado

Overall Score: 16.92
The Helldorado is a new ski in the Nordica lineup, and it hit the mark perfectly. Read our full review here.

 6. Moment Governor

Overall Score: 16.84
It’s both playful and stable, a great compliment to those who designed it. Read our full review here.

 7. Völkl Gotama

Overall Score: 16.44
The Gotama has become a ski everyone expects to be perfect, and the 2012/13 model lives up to its reputation. Read our full review here.

8. Rossignol Sickle

Overall Score: 16.16
“Love it for carving. It totally rails,” commented a tester. Read our full review here.

T-9. Rosignol S3W

 Overall Score: 16.00
The S3W blends a nice mix of carving power and playfulness, especially for intermediate female skiers. Read our full review here.

T-9. Völkl Katana

 Overall Score: 16.00
If you like going down the hill fast, forward and rail to rail, the Katana has you covered, guaranteed. Read our full review here.

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