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Watch Colter Hinchliffe’s shots from the cutting room floor

As any athlete will tell you, the shots that eventually make it onto the silver screen are just a small sampling of that athlete’s library from that particular season. For one reason or another, a majority of the shots end up on the cutting room floor. Maybe it’s due to bad light, maybe the athlete missed his or her grab, or maybe the filmer blew the shot. Regardless, when a movie is complete, there are plenty of leftover shots just waiting to be compiled. Colter Hinchliffe has released the best “b shots” he gathered while filming with TGR and WME during the 2013 season in Austria, Wyoming and Colorado. Throughout the edit, Colter does it all – nipple deep pow turns, backcountry booters, technical cliff lines…he even throws in a handful of backflip mutes for good measure.

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