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The Bunch x Swatch Nines – Freeskiing’s avant-garde put their spin on the iconic slopestyle event

This summer, FREESKIER will be bringing you content to keep you cool as the temperature rises. We get it, your mind hungers for a day of frozen faces, beaming smiles, soaked socks and bottomless turns. Whether you’re practicing a pretz 2 at Mt Hood or just daydreaming, we’ll be hooking you up with movies, edits, news and more to keep you stoked and satisfy that ski itch until you can get back to doing the real thing.

You may have thought that you knew The Nines. Sure, they change up the name more than is convenient (it was dubbed the Swatch Nines as of this year), but the course is recognizable each year due to its magnitude. You’ve seen the flawlessly sculpted, massive features that create an element of surrealism. Massive shadows sweep across a setting that seems otherworldly. Trying to describe the course is a difficult task in itself, and crafting it is an even greater challenge. But while the scene is staggering, the countless edits we see year after year can sometimes blur together. We promise this is one edit from The Nines you won’t soon forget.

The Bunch brought their talents to the event this year, and through this 15-minute rollercoaster of an edit, you can see how they see. They’ve consistently brought a fresh perspective to the world of skiing, and here is no different. The Swatch Nines were in need of a fresh take, a new eye on the ground. This is exactly what The Bunch did a decade ago when they began, and it’s what they continue to do in the wide world of skiing.

Riders – Johanne Killi, Fridge, Alex Hackel, Peyben, Kai Mahler, Max Moffat, Finn Bilous, Magnus Granér, Edouard Therriault, Patrick Schubert, Lucas Mullaüer, Fabian Boesch, Kim Gubser, Kirsten Muir, Jaye Rawe, Megan Oldham, Olivia Asselin, Mathilda Gremaud, Birk Ruud

From YouTubeStep into the world of The Bunch. Emerging from the ski scene in the early 2010s, The Bunch quickly transformed from a groundbreaking DIY film crew into a cultural movement that has taken the industry by storm. Now, 10 years later, The Bunch has evolved into a full-scale media production company that still stays true to its roots in skiing.

They have gained a dedicated following with their unique films that showcase a style and artistic vision that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Their films not only feature skiing but also music, art and fashion, creating an immersive experience that’s both inspiring and unforgettable. Tune in and experience The Nines from a Bunch perspective and witness the evolution of a cultural phenomenon.

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