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Sarah Hoefflin’s new project, Moitié-Moitié delivers piping hot street steeze and Swiss cheese

Inspired by the late J.P. Auclair’s iconic street segment in ALL.I.CAN by Sherpas Cinema and Tom Wallisch’s IMAGINATION, Sarah Hoefflin, in collaboration with Rogue Otter Studios, created MOITIÉ-MOITIÉ. Translating to half-and-half and referring to the ooey, gooey Swiss cheese that’s made for dipping, the Swiss freestyle skier is hanging out with friends when she realizes she’s late for a dinner reservation. In an effort to make it before the cheese hardens, Hoefflin hustles through the charming ski town of Leysin by way of skiing. Sliding through alleyways, over rooftops and down more than a few set of stairs, the Olympic gold medalist puts her skill and creativity on full display for everyone to enjoy—literally.

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