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Sander Hadley shreds for his father in season edit, “Ostlay”

Sander Hadley’s 2014-15 season edit is now one-week-old. However, seven days after being released, it’s still just as freaking sick. Dedicated to the memory of his father, Ostlay captures many of the incredible moments that Hadley had on the hill last season.

“‘Ostlay’ is pig latin for ‘lost,'” writes Hadley on Vimeo. “My father passed away [on] May 3, 2014. He was my best friend and biggest supporter. His passing left me in a lost state of mind all of last winter. He always laughed about being required to take a dead language (pig latin) in high school. Here are the highlights from when the camera did end up coming out. I’m happy to say I am in a much more peaceful place nowadays and continue to live on as his legacy. Cheers to the lost ones. Thanks for the inspiration.”

Enjoy a series of hard-charging natural hits and fast-paced creativity throughout Hadley’s season edit. Shred on, Sander.

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