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Lemonade (Shinefest 2012): 30+ minutes of wild skiing antics

Shinefest, its Sunday morning and your feelin allll shined over after a long night in the streets of southwest Portland with Jake Reilly, mom and dad are hollerin at your middle school ass to get to church but first you click on Internet explorer and decide to get learned on the party that is skiing. Shit ain’t about double corks or tha x-gamez, it’s more swaggin yo way around the mountain sippin on some pink lemonade and bumpin Mac Dre while you soak up that sunburn in a Cincinnati red’s SnapBack. Shinefest is that shit you throw on at a frat party to start a fight or watch wit ya beezy while takin a slappy. inspiiiirrrrrrrd. so teach that bitch how to send backflips all damn day in her gucci shades. The next 30 minutes is a recap of the hood crews season, from strippers in boulder, fuckin hoes on mushrooms in Utah to the pow of da northwest every day was a mothafuckin party. Get off the couch break your iPhone go outside and shine the fuck out. WE OUT CHEAAAAAAAA

standing next to the jump watching your homie do a butter 9 blunt will always be better than seeing it on a screen

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