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Jonny Moseley crushes moguls in “Return of the Turn,” Ep. 1 — Bumps

The internet has been ablaze lately with talk of what constitutes “actual skiing,” and pro skier Marcus Caston is here to say something about it. After dropping a teaser last week, Caston today unveils episode 1 of Return of the Turn, the “Bumps” edition.

In this short film, Caston ventures to Squaw Valley, CA, in search of a bump-skiing partner, and to re-discover the magic of making turns down mogul-laden slopes. Just when it seems that all of his requests to ski with locals will go unanswered, the Olympic gold medalist and skiing legend Jonny Moseley appears. Turns out, even the experienced Caston learns a thing or two from the bump master.

“When you watch Jonny, he pretty much just floats over the bumps and is able to get pressure to the backside of the bump. It’s the same thing that racers work on, pressuring the top of the turn. I’ve always been terrible at it,” remarks Caston.

Ever humble, Caston shies away from the spotlight. But when pressed about his own skiing, he admits, “It’s all about getting into that flow state. Everything is coming at you really quick, I look a few bumps ahead to pick out my line, then my body just does it. It’s like slow motion daydreaming, and when it all goes right it’s rhythmical and flows.”

Together, Caston and Moseley proceed to obliterate all moguls in their paths, making for a fun-filled, inspirational flick that’s sure to whet your winter whistle. Stay tuned for episode 2 dropping next week—and what can you expect? “Groomers, baby!” exclaims Caston.

Return of the Turn, Ep. 1 still frames






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