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Introducing ROAM: The robotic ski exoskeleton designed to save your knees

Step aside, Arnold, the next generation of bionic humans have arrived. Introducing ROAM, a first-of-its-kind robotic powered exoskeleton designed to “superpower your knees” while you’re out on the slopes tearin’ it up.

ROAM’s contraption is comprised of two parts: a battery pack (easily placed in a backpack) and two leg harnesses that wrap around your thighs, attach to your boots and use a combination of sensors and software to automatically adjust torque at the knee “via air actuators effectively mimicking the quadricep muscles.”

Basically, ROAM is set of intelligent shock absorbers for your legs, providing you extra energy to ski longer, stronger and pain-free. Still in the prototype phase, you can sign up to be a Guinea Pig right here. We’ll let you be the judge…

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