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Hit the Norwegian streets with one of skiing’s very best crews

You’ve heard of The Bunch. You’ve heard of Revision Skis. But did you know how many skiers from The Bunch proudly ride for Revision?

This impressive edit, titled Reviboyz, follows The Bunch members Sakarias Majander, Tobias Sedlacek, Leo Bjorklund, Douglas Kallsbo and Jens Nilsson as they wreak havoc on the streets of Norway. All of these dudes ride for Revision, and all of them slay the streets. Keep your eyes on each and every one of ’em, because they’re not going anywhere anytime soon and they’re showcasing some of the most creative—if not the most—skiing of all time.

Instagrams from the Reviboyz

carvmanhägglund @thepeyben

A photo posted by Sakarias Majander (@sakariasmajander) on


A photo posted by @tobiassedlacek on

A photo posted by Lee (@leeb.3) on

Woomwoom @revisionskis

A video posted by Douglas Källsbo (@douglaskallsbo) on

Konnichiwa. ???? @mattiaslars

A photo posted by Jens Nilsson (@jnillagrams) on


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