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Black Crows reveals the symbolism and design behind its skis

Black Crows, based out of Chamonix, France, is well-known for its award winning skis (the Nocta, Camox, Atris, Anima and the women’s Atris Birdie were all FREESKIER Editor’s Picks for 2017). Now, the company is shedding light on those who help create those very skis—“The Black Crows.”

The second episode of this series, featured above, focuses on Black Crows designer Yorgo Tloupas. Tloupas is responsible for not only the recognizable chevron design placed upon each and every pair of skis (the inspiration for which is discussed in the video) but the company’s decision to use the iconic Helvetica font and more.

Take this moment to appreciate the thought that goes behind creating and designing skis—be it a pair of Black Crows or not—and make sure to watch episode one, featuring the legendary Julien Regnier—below.

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