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Get the inside scoop on X Games Real Ski with rookie Ferdinand Dahl

The video-based X Games competition known as Real Ski has been an internet sensation for obvious reasons. With some of the worlds best and most creative skiers linking together unique, two-minute segments, there’s no reason not to get fired up. Capeesh crew kingpin and Norway native Ferdinand Dahl was a rookie in this year’s Real Ski competition, and dawg, this 22-year-old killah showed UP. What makes this comp very unique would be that it is composed of a composition of both rider and videographer. Andrew Napier of the legendary 4BI9 crew joined Ferdinand to lend his expertise to the project. But the final cut is an extremely idealized and artistic version of how it all came together, and how the whole process really aligns.

How did the season actually go? This question can only be answered with one thing—the RAW CUT! Here we get to see what goes on behind the scenes of capturing a video part like Real Ski. There’s so much to consider when filming, and the challenges can be endless. The ability to get back in the saddle after tacking slam after slam after slam is something that many skiers share, but it doesn’t make it any less impressive. Ferdi’s resilience is overly evident, just check out the relentless effort he gives to dialing in his vision of this fishing hole feature. Once everything is stacked, linking it together is whole other barrel of snakes, so props to all the camera wizards for their work. If you’ve ever wondered just how much time and effort it takes to cultivate a project like this, or you’re looking to see some close friends accomplish great things, Ferdinand Dahl’s 2021 Real Ski Raw Part is one hell of a ride from start to finish.

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