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Drew Tabke and Chopo Diaz hike and ski rowdy glaciers in Alaska

This video is the first in a series developed by pro freeskier Chopo Diaz, current FWT champion Drew Tabke and their photographer friend Claudio Vicuña. In this initial video Drew and Chopo camp for 11 days in Glacier Bay National Park outside of Haines, AK. Former Formula One driver Drake Olson has a hangar in the town of Haines and takes Drew and Chopo in his Cessna 207 airplane from Haines to the glacier where they set up camp. Once Drew and Chopo get to the glacier they ditch the help of any aircraft, preferring to skin and hike their way to the top of their lines. Considering both skiers are veterans of big mountain competition, it’s rad to see that even the best freeskiers still get a bit puckered by the mountains of Alaska.

From thenorthfacechile on YouTube:

(Translated from Spanish) “Two great skiers accompanied by a photographer start to adventure on a glacier many miles from civilization. For more than 11 days Drew Tabke, Chopo Diaz and photographer Claudio Vicuña live an extreme experience in the depths of the glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park in Haines, Alaska. Only with the help of the skins and skis these skiers climb all the lines that they will ski during the 11 days of camp.

In the 1st chapter, Drake Olson, a former Formula One driver, helps skiers get to the glacier from his hangar in Haines thanks to his Cessna 207. After landing on the Morse glacier 80 miles from civilization the adventure really begins lasting 11 long days in the infinite solitude of the mountains of Alaska.”

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