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Baker Boyd and Rossignol are on a South American Adventure

Featured Image – Cedar Palmer

Argentina has long been on skiers’ bucket lists, and that is no accident. The South American country boasts the highest mountain on the planet outside of Asia, and significant snow fall is far from an irregularity. Storms roll inland from the coast, bringing intense winds and powder that create a thick blanket over the mountains. Violent pillars explode out of the Andes Mountains, creating lines that are hard to replicate anywhere else. Combine this surreal high alpine skiing with a vibrant culture of passion and enjoyment, and you’ve got yourself the adventure of a lifetime.

Who better to explore this land of adventure than Rossignol’s own Baker Boyd? The illusive Studebakerhawk is a wildly impressive skier hailing from Aspen, Colorado. His hard-charging style has garnered him a hearty following on social media, as he shows the world his burly skiing through some high-quality GoPro shots. No nonsense, just ripping and great music. Boyd teamed up with The Dean’s List filmer Cedar Palmer and the two headed south to explore the high peaks of Las Lenas, Argentina during the storm filled September of 2023.

The alpine terrain can get downright uninhabitable during heavy storms, with low viability being all but a given. This gave the pair plenty of time to enjoy the excellent culture in the valley, as heading out during a whiteout like that is an unnecessary risk. “We don’t take chances, so we can make it to the next Rolling Stones concert,” says one of their Argentine companions. Boyd and Palmer capture this incredible adventure excellently in “VISCOSO,” where tenacious skiing is complimented by terrific camera work.

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Follow Baker Boyd on his South American adventures looking for the best lines he could find down there:

We got the chance to fly down to Las Lenas, Argentina, this past September to chase some storms and experience the amazing Argentinian culture. In Las Lenas, we got to ski some sick Cat Skiing terrain, rode the fabled Marte chair lift and scored amazing skiing between storm cycles. The whole resort is in the Alpine with no tree skiing, so when a storm passes through, skiing is not an option due to complete whiteout conditions. These down days create the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and hospitality of Argentina. The whole experience was amazing, the mountains are huge and the people are the friendliest. Looking forward to the next trip back to Las Lenas.

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Photographer – Cedar Palmer

Skier – Baker Boyd

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