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“Apollo” is a Poetic Ode From Cam McLeod to the Family Run Ski Hills of the World

We always hear about the big-name resorts, but skiing thrives in other areas, too. Small, local resorts are kept alive by people who simply love to ski; thankfully, there’s more of them than you might expect. No big-name investors looking to score the next paycheck. No massive hotel complex. Just a few lifts, good snow and a love for the game. For Cam McLeod and the skiers at Nordic Valley, Utah, this is what skiing is.

The Apollo chair at Nordic Valley has carried skiers up this small hill since 1970, and it’s seen plenty of admiration and love, to say the least. In the aptly named short film “Apollo,” Cam McLeod points his camera at the small chairlift and the steward of clean turns, Marcus Caston. No crowds, just hot laps and an undying love for the small ski area. Supporting your mom-and-pop hills is supporting ski culture in its purest sense. Thank Ullr for the Nordic Vallies of the world and the people that keep them alive.

From Cam –

“Apollo” is an homage to an aging fixed-grip chairlift in Utah that, since 1970, has carried skiers up the sleepy hometown hill of Nordic Valley. For the lucky, Apollo has been the conduit for powder runs under a patchwork of dreamlike lighting and transportation to an ethereal state of weightless turns. An experience that can often feel like skiing on the moon.

Director/Cinematographer: Cam McLeod
Producer: Kelly McLeod
Additional Footage/Editor: Dylan Totaro
Skier: Marcus Caston
Music: The Proper Way

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