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Woodward Tahoe is serving up two new programs for rippers of all abilities

Woodward Tahoe is serving up two new programs for rippers of all abilities

No matter your age or ability, Woodward is every action sports athlete’s fantasy land. This season, the indoor and outdoor sports haven will be upping-the-ante once again, with the introduction of two new programs for young shredders, including Start with Woodward and Ride with Woodward.

Start with Woodward will serve as an entry-level daily lesson program to introduce groms (age 6+) to skiing (and/or snowboarding). Starting in Woodward’s epic indoor facilities, youngsters will learn the basics on roller-skis, etc. to become familiar with sliding around on two planks. Beginners will then take their basic knowledge and understanding of skiing to the slopes at Boreal Ski Resort. Groups of six riders will be under the supervision and instruction of a single coach.


  • All day or half day group lessons.
  • Uses enhanced snow terrain to facilitate learning – Rollers, berms and wedges used to mimic outside conditions.
  • Offers a private learning area – goal is to get people understanding basic movements and concepts so they can get up on the lift as quickly as possible.
  • One instructor in each group lesson with a max of 6 in a class.
  • Winter lessons kick off Thanksgiving week and offered Friday, Satruday and Sunday, plus holidays.
  • Levels of growth and advancement to the “Ride with Woodward” is decided upon by instructors.

Click here to learn more about Start with Woodward.

Ride with Woodward is the marquee winter lesson program offered at Woodward Tahoe—created for intermediate to advanced rippers. Focused on ski (and snowboard) programs, the lesson offers trampolines and foam pit instruction for skiers and riders to learn basic tricks inside with hopes to eventually bring their stunts to the snow.


  • Program was first offered in the 2012/2013 winter season.
  • Trampolines and foam pits are used to learn basic tricks inside.
  • Utilizing roller skis and parkboards, first timers are able to learn indoors until they become comfortable enough to take their skills onto the snow.

Click here to learn more about Ride with Woodward.

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