You just haven’t met me yet…

You just haven’t met me yet…

Well my first ski lesson was when I was 7 and the rest is history… I love to be outside any time of the year, having a good time at any cost! After finally finishing my formal education, I made the executive decision to spend the winter at Sugarloaf, working and playing, but mostly playing and begin carrying on the family tradition as my father worked up there in the 60’s… Probably his worst nightmare but whatever…

I don’t think I need to explain my love for skiing for those of you viewing this. I still get that giddy feeling when I come around OhMyGosh corner at Sugarloaf or see any other mountain for the first time. WHen you have your first experience skiing or riding you just know, for me its hearing my edges cutting into some hard-pack. Those of you who ski KNOW that feeling I’m talking about when you get first tracks or are out ripping it with a group of friends.

I’m no stranger to the Lange girl image, as living with guys, they lose their shit over the new Lange girl poster every year… I would absolutely be honored to be named a Local Lange girl just because of the reputation that Lange carries within the world of skiing. Lange offers a product that is dependable and used among the best of the best. So naturally a Local Lange girl would have to be top notch! I am definitely a local girl who can rip and is up for any kind of challenge… Vote for me and I’ll make you proud to have a Lange girl from Maine!

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