X By The #s: Winter X Games 2014 kicks off today in Aspen, CO

X By The #s: Winter X Games 2014 kicks off today in Aspen, CO

We more or less returned from the Grand Prix in Park City, UT, unpacked our bags, did a few quick loads of laundry, and immediately packed our belongings once again. Then, off to Aspen we went, where X Games 2014 is officially underway.

To help break down the spectacle that is X, we’ve compiled some stats for you. Dive in, below.


X Games invades Buttermilk Mountain, January 2013. Image courtesy of Aspen Ski Co.

Event and Athlete Stats to Remember

1 – Flycam
2 – Miles of bike fence
2 – NAC II Slo motion systems
3 – Mike Schultz is the only adaptive snowmobile athlete to win adaptive snocross at X Games Aspen. He is attempting a four-peat in 2013
4 – Four athletes landed the triple cork in ski big air round one in 2013; Gus Kenworthy was the first athlete to land it in X Games Aspen competition
7 – Shaun White (SBD superpipe) and Tucker Hibbert (SMB snocross) will attempt to become the first athletes to seven-peat at X Games Aspen
7 – Jamie Anderson has medaled in every X Games slopestyle event she has entered and has the most medals of any female slopestyle athlete
13 – Fletcher robotic Panasonic HD cameras
15 – Age of Snowboard superpipe athlete Ayumu Hirano, the youngest athlete in competition; skier Maggie Voisin is also 15 years young
15 – Fifteen athletes have competed at X Games every year it has been in Aspen (since 2002)
21 – Athletes from 21 countries will compete at X Games Aspen 2014
26 – Simon Dumont became the oldest ski superpipe medalist at the age of 26
30 – Sony broadcast cameras: a blend of HDC 2500, 1500, 1000 and P1
35 – Semi trucks full of scaffolding
42 – Snowmobiles for uphill transport
98 – Unique camera positions throughout the venue
98 – Mark McMorris (SBD) earned the highest men’s slopestyle score ever awarded en route to the gold
150 – Scaffolding structures built
170 – Tents throughout the venue
500 – Rechargeable batteries used per day
540 – Single mode fiber optic strands on the mountain
828 – Event radios
900 – Feet of Mobi mat
1,620 – Degrees of rotation done by Henrik Harlaut to win the 2013 X Games Big Air
12,000 – Event credentials
15,865 – Feet of speaker cable on the mountain
114,500 – Overall attendance at X Games Aspen 2013, the most attended in X Games Aspen history
500,000 – Feet of fiber optic cable around the venue


Ajax. Image courtesy of Aspen Ski Co.

Aspen/Snowmass Stats to Remember

1 – Freeskier Party at the Sky Hotel
2 – Number of ex-Freeskier employees that now work at Aspen/Snowmass
4 – Number of mountains in Aspen/Snowmass all under one lift ticket: Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk
4 – Total number of Roundshot, 66-megapixel, panoramic, weatherproof cameras in North America, all of which are owned and operated by Aspen Skiing Company. These cameras take 360-degree photograph every 10 minutes
4 – Average time in minutes it takes a Freeskier staffer to do a top-to-bottom run on Ajax
9 – Chair 9 is the name of the new bar at The Little Nell Hotel at the base of Aspen Mountain. There are eight chairs total on Aspen Mountain and so après ski at Chair 9 is a great way to round out the day at Aspen Mountain
9 – Number of SMP staffers crammed into a three bedroom condo
13 – Number of years that X Games has taken place at Aspen/Snowmass
14 – Time it takes to ride Ajax’s Silver Queen Gondola
22 – There are 22 nationalities represented across 1,200 ski and snowboard pros at the four mountains of Aspen/Snowmass
25 – Minimum number of times the shotski will be brought out at Freeskier’s X Games Kick Off Party
34 – Number of backflips done over the weekend by Freeskier staffers
37 – Number of sandwiches from Johnny McGuire likely to be consumed by Freeskier staff this week
40 – Number of Bloody Mary’s from Hickory House likely to be consumed by Freeskier staff this week
58 – Smirnoff Ices likely to be unwillingly consumed by Freeskier staff and their cohorts
90 – Projected minutes spent standing in line for late night slices at New York Pizza
96 – Anticipated number of hours spent in the Sky Hotel hot tub by Freeskier staffers
100 – Aspen Skiing Company was ranked in the Top 100 “Best Places to Work” once again this season
186 – Number of times Monster Energy’s Shay Williams will get hit up for VIP party credentials

*Thank you to Grace Coryell, ESPN, for her contributions to this article.

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