Woodward at Copper: Barn Camp Day

Woodward at Copper: Barn Camp Day

Get ready for a full day with Woodward at Copper. Signing up for a camp day is the best experience you can have (outside of summer camp) with us!

You will be placed in a group of 8 or less for a full day of coaching using all of the facilities in the Barn. If you want to perfect your first flip, or are working towards that dub cork, our coaches have you covered. Sessions start at 10:00am and the fun continues until 3:00pm. Call today!

The Camp Day is available to anyone 8 yrs and up, who are comfortable skiing or riding on intermediate to advanced terrain. A camper who completes a Woodward at Copper Camp Day does not need to take a One Hit Wonder session to fulfill the requirements for a Drop-In session.

Everyone begins the day stretching to loosen and warm up. Yeah we know, you think you don’t need to stretch…but you don’t encounter trampolines and foam cubes in your everyday life now do you?

You’ll move onto to some falling and tumbling exercises. This will teach you great techniques that may prevent you from getting injured in the Barn and on the slopes.

These aren’t your backyard trampolines! You might not be ready after a day in the Barn for the US Gymnasictics team, but we will get you set up with the skills to use the tramps in the best way to progress your aerial awareness.

It may be blue, but these are foam pits…not swimming pools. There are safe ways to land in the foam pits whether you’re just jumping in or doing a double cork. This may feel like school, but you won’t see any “pencils” here.

There is no snow outside and its well above freezing, but it looks like she’s riding her snowboard on some kind of white surface…what is that? It’s called Snowflex and its the closest thing to real snow you are gonna find. And yes, you can carve on it!

Always start small. We follow the same safety tips in the Barn as we do out in the terrain parks. Everyday the Snowflex might ride a bit different, just like snow, so warm up first…it’s not like its going to melt.

We have a few 30 second delay cameras spread around the Barn so you can see for yourself just how steezy your tricks are getting.

The guy in the sky is a skier. The guy in flannel, Assistant Program Manager Rick Shimpeno, is a snowboarder. Even though they do different sports, they can communicate as though they do the same. That’s because all of our coaches are trained on techniques that apply to both sports.

We also have a cliff drop that is great for teaching skills everyone wants to learn so they can take full advantage of all amazing terrain here in the Rocky Mountains. It is also crazy fun to jump off!


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