The Women of Freeskiing invade Mount Hood!

The Women of Freeskiing invade Mount Hood!

Mount Hood, Oregon. Camp Windells. dahoodesthouse. Falcon’s Crest Lodge.

Boys, look out, the women of freeskiing have landed in Oregon and are hanging around Mount Hood for the week shooting photos up on the glacier for the November issue of Freekier, aka, the Women’s Annual.

The usual suspects are here:

Sarah Burke
Grete Eliassen
Kristi Leskinen
Keri Herman
Dania Assaly
Carrie Rossman
Angeli VanLaanen
Kaya Turski

Nate Abbott is here documenting with photos and we’ll be doing some filming courtesy of the Windells media crew and some gopro helmet cams. We’re balling in the falconscrestlodge.com and are doing girl-type things like pillow fights, group cooking and manis and pedis.

But on the real, we’re working hard, shredding harder and GTSing all day every day; all in pink pants.

We’ve been hitting the big jump in the Windells lane, shooting in the pipe and rallying for the hip tomorrow. We’ve also been hanging out in camp with the little groms getting some trampoline sessions in and flipping into the foam pits. We’ve even had the chance to get a little teather ball in.

We’re also documenting our stay at our new blog: [https://dahoodesthouse.wordpress.com]. You all know all about [https://dahoodhouse.com], we’re fully biting and getting into the game, so check it out. Also check back to Freeskier.com on the regular for more updates and photos. [https://windells.com]. will also be posting some edits from the shoot so head there as well! Also, check out the house we have for the week: [https://falconscrestlodge.com]. Becca, the owner, even made us a fresh Blueberry Crumb Cake! She rules!

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