Windells Session 1 Recap Video

Windells Session 1 Recap Video

WINDELLS, Oregon – With the season over, skiers all over the northern hemisphere are closing the shutters, curling up on the couch with a pint of ice cream and crying the months away until the lifts start running again. Well, some of them, anyway. Others can’t face reality, and spend their days staring at pictures of New Zealand and Chile, lusting after the idea of skiing in July. What these people don’t know is that, while nearly every mountain in North America has long closed, Windells continues to run a full-blown park on Mt. Hood’s Palmer Glacier.

As one of the finest ski camps available, Windells has something for everyone. Skiers, snowboarders, skaters and BMXers all come to Windells to push themselves and have fun doing it. They offer week-long camps for kids under 18 as well as adults.

Coached by pros like Sammy Carlson, Brandon Becker, Tim Durtschi and Tommy Ellingson, the summer ski camps can take anyone – from a first-time beginner to a seasoned expert – to a whole new level of park riding. Packed with features like a 65′ box, wallrides to suit anyone’s fancy, creative rails of all sizes and an olympic-standard halfpipe, the Windells park is a sight to behold. Many a pro has been boosted into superstardom by spending a summer at ski camp rather than hibernating in front of the TV.

Registration for this summer is still open! So put down the box of cookies, wipe that tear away and check out for more info.

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