Win a Windell’s Camp Session at the Sacramento Ski Expo Nov 21&22

Win a Windell’s Camp Session at the Sacramento Ski Expo Nov 21&22

The 3rd of a 4 stop tour across the US is complete. We had another smashing time with the Ski Dazzle crew, and were stoked to have Tim Windell himself at the show this past weekend. The Ski Dazzle Rail Jam brought out even better talent than we had in Chicago…leaving us wondering what Sacramento’s got? Tim Windell is giving away a camp session to the winner of the Sacramento event. Get there and bring it. Worried about the set-up? Don’t be, its completely legit. Check this video:

And thanks to all the sponsors (Windells, Liftopia, Ski Dazzle), big prizes were given out to the winners of the rail jam. Here’s the winning crew from the Bay Area expo.

Here’s another look at the set up from the drop in. Again, come on out to The Sacramento Ski & Snowboard Expo this weekend. You should hit this up and maybe win a trip to Windells.

Our friends from Northstar and Sierra were chasing that paper at the show, and killing it. This is the place to go when you buy your season pass. Always some sort of “show special” deal offered. Missed this one? Come to Sacramento .

Mt. Rose (one of Tahoe’s gems) did their best to be some hard-ass gangstas, but they are just too nice. Funny nevertheless. If you haven’t been to Mt. Rose, go. Just 30 min from Reno.

And that’s a wrap from the Bay Area. Off to The Sacramento Ski & Snowboard Expo for the final stop of the show series. We will be chillin in Sac-town on November 21 & 22 – doing it all again. Come by and we will hook you up with a $3 sub to the magazine, just for coming to the show. And here’s a final parting shot…someone please comment on this post with a caption.

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