Why I should Win

Why I should Win

My name is Kate and I have lived in Park City, UT for 6 years now.

I am a recent retiree of the U.S. SKi Team and competed in freestyle aerials. I worked out everyday and felt that I had a good and in-shape body.

Now that I’m retired it’s hard to feel great about your body and that I’m still in shape. But I have been going back to the gym and feel great! I want girls out there to know that it’s not necessarily a sexy body that gets you the attention-but it’s a body that you’re proud of. I also ski in lange boots and love them–they make me feel great!
I WOULD LOVE TO BE THE 2009 LANGE GIRL BECAUSE I feel that I would do a great job of representing lange at the various events. I’m fun and personable and this would be the “job” for me! Thanks 🙂

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