Whistler Blackcomb hits ICER AIR

Whistler Blackcomb hits ICER AIR

Whistler Blackcomb’s own Ryan Proctor hit ICER AIR over the weekend, and, despite a small mishap, had a great time – from what he remembers:

Scaffolding, snow guns, BMX, Skateboard, and, of course, Skiing and Snowboarding. Ingredients like these don’t make a good soufflé and for sure won’t fit into granny’s mixing bowl, but someone managed mash them into AT&T Park on the shores of San Francisco Bay over the weekend.

After taking ICER AIR to the streets of San Fran three years ago, Esurance and Jonny Moseley took the event to AT&T Park like Barry Bonds takes one yard! (Without the help of a banned substance of course, but that need not be mentioned)

A one-day event has become an industry must-see and weekend-long party, well…from what I remember. Two days of demos, outdoor vendors, activities for young and old and some of the best “street meat” cooked in a parking lot outside of a football tailgate party.

The Exhibitor Village was down the street from the park this year hosting a sea of white tents filled with the likes of Sony Playstation, Roxy, Helly Hansen, Freeskier Mag, Skull Candy, Spin Magazine, Moment Skis and of course Whistler Blackcomb along with countless others. To keep people entertained until the big event on Saturday night there were BMX, Skateboard and FMX demos in the village as well as in the Halfpipe beside the big hit smack in the middle of the stadium.

After the prelims Saturday afternoon, 6:30 hit and all the athletes headed to the top of the in-run – I heard over 200 steps to the top… nuts! Pumped and ready to go, the stadium floor filled with fans waiting to see a combination of big airs, new and innovative tricks, and man-made snow, all during a spell of unusually warm weather. (A local San Franciscan told me that in the past three years the temperature jumps ten degrees like clockwork every time ICER AIR comes to town. Could have used that tidbit before packing for the trip!)

Anyway, 14 athletes: 7 skiers and 7 snowboards were in the finals and put on a killer show for all in attendance. It could have been the amount of energy drinks on sample that had something to do with it but people were juiced, again not in relation to Mr. Bonds!

After three rounds and some impressive stunts, Jon Olsson with his Kangaroo Flip and a score of 95 took first, Simon Dumont with a 91 took second and Sammy Carlson with an 83 took third in the skier final. The snowboard finals were won by Travis Rice with a score of 95, Tim Humphreys took second with an 83 and Chas Guldemond finished third with a 71. Every athlete in the finals walked away with at least 500 bucks and the winners took home 15 grand each.

As the competition came to an end fans were looking for more. With the main stage only a few feet away all anyone had to do was take a couple of steps to the left and prepare for Talib Qwali and Mos Def to rock the mic and it wasn’t long before AT&T Park was bump’n. As most of you know there is never a shortage of nightlife at any ski or snowboard event and since this was San Fran the only shortage was time and energy! The parties were “baller” and the cabbies were insane to say the least.

All in all, the event was a good time and San Fran was a great host city, I do however have a beef. Some punk stole my hoodie right off the Whistler Blackcomb table in the park, cheapo!! This is what I say to you:

“or you to wear that hoodie that you don’t rightly own is to disrespect Whistler and the sporting event you came to enjoy!”

It saddens me to think that we gather to enjoy an event that promotes friendship and good times and yet if you stop to enjoy it your stuff may go missing!

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