The West Coast session rolls into Day 2

The West Coast session rolls into Day 2

Words: Ethan Stone

Photos: Alex Loren, Jordan Harper, Rocky Maloney, Ethan Stone, Drew Smalley

It's the evening of Day 2 at the West Coast Session and a few skiers are in the BOB facility at Windell's Camp, back from a hard day's work filming in the Timberline parks, and now getting ready to hit a big jump tomorrow.

Earlier today, our riders settled into the daily grind of the four film-shoot days following the chaos of the public/Gaper day.

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McRae Williams sends the dub 10

Back on the hill and with the park mostly to ourselves, the skiers scatter out across Timberline's four parks. It looks like the teams, picked last night by the four videographers competing in the Camtrol Session Showdown, are mostly sticking together, and it also looks like all four of those filmers are stacking some serious shots.


Dale Talkington

After a thorough session in the park, we got the green light to guinea-pig this year's West Coast Session superbooter on the Palmer Snowfield, and also squeeze in a session on another one of our signature features, called "the Rock Box." You can see why:


Maks Gorham

Which brings us full circle, back to BOB, where the double-flip training session is coming to an end. Tomorrow a session on the big jump is planned, so stay tuned for the next update and check www.thewestcoastsession.com for more info!


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