We’re here! The 2017 FREESKIER Ski Test is underway at Snowbird, Utah

We’re here! The 2017 FREESKIER Ski Test is underway at Snowbird, Utah

Design by Gunter Jones

The time has come, at last, to host the 2017 FREESKIER Ski Test at Snowbird, Utah. We’ve gathered here with dozens of testers, a boat-load of brands and, last but not least, hundreds of pairs of next year’s skis. Our goal? To test each and every pair viciously, and determine the best of the bunch to present in our 2018 Buyer’s Guide. (Click here to get a rockin’ deal on our next batch of magazines—just $5 for the entire year.)

Sunday was dedicated to setting everything up; making sure the skiers, the gear, the testing app (yeah we have a testing app) and everything else involved with the test is totally dialed. But, Monday is hammer time. We’ll hit the ground running and proceed to Snowbird’s Gad Valley to shred ski after ski after ski. The crew will utilize Snowbird’s 2,900 vertical feet of world-class terrain to the fullest, much thanks to 35-plus feet of snow that have fallen this season and a massive storm that just rolled in.

This week is going to kick ass, people, and we want you to be a part of it as much as possible. To start, we’ve explained how the 2017 FREESKIER Ski Test works, below. Get familiar and get stoked.

How we rank the skis

To make our Ski Test rise above the rest, we’ve developed an app that testers use to rank skis between every run. On a scale of 1 to 10, each ski is judged for its carving, stability, versatility, float, playfulness and overall awesomeness. The ratings are submitted into a gargantuan database, directly from our fingertips. This allows us to keep track of not only what skis are being used, but also what skis aren’t. In other words, if a pair has been sitting on the rack all day untested, we’ll know and get ‘em to a tester ASAP. This process ensures that every ski is tested thoroughly and fairly.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the app, in the end, is that it allows testers to rank skis immediately following their runs, opposed to having to stop skiing to scribble thoughts on a piece of paper between runs or at the end of the day. When the test is all said and done, the data serves as the foundation for our Buyer’s Guide.

Photo: Erik Seo

Who gets to test?

We’ve carefully selected a talented and diverse group of skiers who get the honor of partaking in our Ski Test. They’re of all shapes and sizes, skier types and genders—the ideal squad for trying out all different kinds of skis. They’re a bunch of goofballs, too, but that doesn’t mean they don’t rip. Each and every person on-board knows how to go full-send and we love that about them.

Our editorial team handpicks our ski testers. The group consists mostly of rippin’ Coloradoans and Utahns who have made lives for themselves in the mountains. Some work in ski shops. Some are professional athletes. Others represent ski brands and resorts. The rest are just passionate skiers. Rest assured, they’re highly qualified for the job, some having tested with FREESKIER for the past decade.

How to follow along

We don’t want to do this Ski Test on our own, folks. To be sure you don’t miss a beat this week, be sure to tune in via Freeskier.com and the social channels listed, below, every day for the next week. You’ll enjoy sneak peeks of next year’s top products; photo galleries; more detailed information about how we test skis; videos; magazine subscription specials and more.

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