A Way of Life

A Way of Life

For me it is all about the steep and deep! Giant mountains covered in snow, bring it on! It was Tuckerman’s and my crazy mother and father that made me this way. Steps so steep your nose is inches from the snow, “yeah now try and put your skis on kid.” This is my double helix, I live and breath skiing. Not just the sport, the experience; the glow of the Butte in the early morning sun, looming, questioning, just daring you to try, to go for it. Or the feeling as you come over a lip and drop into what may be oblivion but what is hopefully soft and steep. The rush is amazing of course but there is something else magical about the experiences of humans in nature. The profound connection established between mountain and skier. We learn to respect the earth and what she is capable of simply by being in her places. As a Lange girl I want to spread this respect, love, and appreciation for Mother Nature!!

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