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Water is life in the new ski film ‘Fluid’

As skiers, there is nothing more familiar to us than water. Essentially liquid gold in its frozen form, water is at the center of skiing. It gives us blower pow, slushy corn and even hardpack to lay our skis into every year. Yet we often take advantage of the natural element without a second thought. In the new ski film, ‘Fluid,’ from Ludwig Hagelstein and Rosina Friedel, we’re taken on a visual journey through water’s natural cycle: condensation, precipitation, sun and melting. Skiers and riders, including Lukas Ellensohn, Raphael Hagen, Marc Welschinger, Armando Guetg, Rosina Friedel, Jakob Siedersleben, Lucas Mangold, Ludwig Hagelstein, Lukas Schlickenrieder, Moritz Waas, Magnus Kramer, Magnus Granér, Jacques Summermatter, Adrian Gaiser, Torge Nagel, Severin Guggemoos, Felix Gross, Jakob Aigner, Vilmer Ivarrsson, Jens Nilsson, Luis Meier and Luis Eckert, express their personal styles through every phase of the fluid cycle.

Both a creative ski film as well as a call for climate action, we cannot live without water, let alone slide around on wooden planks. ‘Fluid’ portrays the beauty and importance of water in our marvelous mountains and the threats that face our world’s most precious element.

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