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Watch: Here are the top 10 ski videos of 2015

Watch: Here are the top 10 ski videos of 2015

With 2015 now in the rear-view, it’s only appropriate to reflect upon the epic moments that the year provided us. From mind-boggling point-of-view footage, to some of the most monstrous features ever hit on skis, to uplifting memorial videos, to bone-shattering slams—the ski community witnessed an array of wild skiing times.

Thankfully, to all of our enjoyment, the cameras were rolling throughout the year and many momentous videos were produced. Below, you’ll find the top 10 ski videos of 2015, as seen on freeskier.com. Enjoy each of them in all of their glory, and be sure to hit record the next time you’re on the mountain. You never know where your footage could end up. Happy New Year, folks.

The Top 10 Ski Videos of 2015

10. Skier Miraculously Survives 1,600 Foot Fall

“This is easily one of the gnarliest crashes we’ve ever seen. The spill went down last season, while filming for Teton Gravity Reasearch’s 2015 film, Paradise Waits. The skier? Ian McIntosh. We’re certainly happy that he walked away from this 1,600 foot yard-sale unscathed…” Read more.

9. Introducing 11-year-old skiing prodigy Tristan Feinberg

“At age 11, most of us were picking our noses, launching spit balls across the cafeteria, slurping spaghetti and trying not to trip while we ran up the stairs. While young Tristan Feinberg may still do most of those things, life in his shoes is a little bit different; the Aspen, Colorado-native is working on dialing in his first double-flip on skis with the help of his coach, X Games champion Peter Olenick…” Read more.

8. You’ve Never Seen a 1440 Quite Like This

“Freeskier Dean Bercovitch has impeccable air awareness. Not only can he spin like a top, but Berco also has some unique style. This week, Bercovitch stomped a variation of a double cork 1440, where the first 1080 is completed in the first flip and the final 360 is done in the second flip…” Read more.

7. Crazy Karl Fostvedt Slides a Lift Cable

“Earlier this summer, Twenty-five-year-old Karl Fostvedt embarked on a trip to Nevados de Chillan with the Dakine team to get in on the South American shred season. As expected, Fostvedt, or, “Crazy Karl,” wasted no time finding a gnarly feature to claim…” Read more.

6. GoPro Line of the Winter: Léo Taillefer

“It was already clear that Léo Taillefer is gnarly, but the latest POV action from the crazed Frenchman is next level. It’s true, he doesn’t spin off of any of those big booters, but he sure does charge hard…” Read more.

5. Apogée: Memorial Film for Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair

“’On September 29, 2014 I lost my two best friends JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson in an avalanche on Monte San Lorenzo near the border of Chile and Argentina,’ writes filmmaker and fellow adventurer Bjarne Salén…” Read more.

4. Kevin Rolland and Julien Regnier Present Fast Forward

“There’s something about French skiers and viral ski videos. First, Candide Thovex shook the ski world with his epic One of Those Days videos, and today, we’re happy to present Julien Regnier and Kevin Rolland’s masterpiece, a short-film dubbed Fast Forward…” Read more.

3. Candide Thovex Skis on Grass Better Than You Do Snow

“Prepare to go wild, ski fans. Candide Thovex has just launched another mind blowing video, this time announcing his partnership with Audi Quattro. In the video, Candide exhibits his skills on two planks without a single snowflake in sight…” Read more.

2. Sammy Carlson Hits One of the Most Badass Features Ever

“To put it simply, Sammy Carlson is one badass mofo. Over the years, the Oregon-born mountain slayer has captured multiple X Games gold medals, including three consecutive golds in the X Games Real Ski discipline. Throughout the past two seasons, Sammy C has decided to make his own film project. Properly deemed The Sammy C Project, the movie showcases the dude’s skills on all of Winter’s elements…” Read more.

1. Candide Thovex’s One of Those Days 2

“On May 14, 2013, the legendary Candide Thovex uploaded a video to YouTube entitled “One of those days.” It featured POV footage of Thovex shredding the heck out of his home mountain, La Clusaz, France. It basically blew up the internet, and has since amassed almost 1.5 million views on YouTube…” Read more.

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