VIDEO: Simon Dumont Qualifies first for Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe Finals

VIDEO: Simon Dumont Qualifies first for Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe Finals

Halfpipe Prelim Raw Footage

Today, the 4th day of the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, mother nature was kind enough to not snow or blow too much, with the average temperature being about 12 degrees; perfect weather for a pipe contest. Men’s pipe prelims went down today, with 35 guys being viciously cut down to 12 riders for tomorrow’s night time finals. The action was intense, with all riders putting it down on the line for a chance at that coveted first place spot tomorrow.

Simon Dumont, with monster 900s and 1260s and switch 1080s took home the 1st place spot today, with Justin “J-Bone” Dorey close behind, whose super tech run closely trailed Dumont’s. Dark horse, Duncan Adams upped his ante today, and was rewarded a 3rd place finish, with X Games champ Tanner Hall coming in 4th. Olenick and Kevin Rolland were boosting, while the Wells brothers threw almost identical runs, with almost identical scores.

Unfortunately, there were only 12 spots and some perennial favorites like Mike Riddle, Colby West, AJ Kemppainen and Matt Philippi were unable to move on. No double flips were thrown today, but no one was seriously injured in today’s event either. Notable mentions include JL Ratchel going very large and Mike Riddle’s flatspins becoming the sickest looking trick around.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s coverage of the men’s halfpipe finals, as well as the men’s slopestyle prelims and finals, and the women’s slopestyle exhibition.

Justin Dorey, big ally oop flat 3.

The Dumont corks his 900 on the way to first.

Jossi Wells, 540.

JL Ratchel, boosting.

Pete Olenick with a huge flatspin.

Mike Riddle wraps up a 900.

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